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Using facebook “like” and comments plugins? why don’t you show your top posts?

a plugin that scans your blog and collects likes, share and comments data about your blog. then you can show your top liked, commented and shared posts. including widgets.



After downloading “Ultimate Facebook Stats”, extract the folder and upload “Ultimate Facebook Stats” folder to wp-content/plugins.

go to Plugins tab in the wordpress admin and activate “Ultimate Facebook Stats”.

Collect Information about your posts

you can have facebook stats for your posts in two ways:

1) let visitors visit your posts and slowly all your stats will be collected. (each visit to a post updates the facebook stats in the database)
2) scan manually all your posts by pressing the button below. this option can take some time depend on the amount of posts you have in your blog.



there are 3 widgets comes with the plugin, Top Liked PostsTop Shared Posts and Top Commented Posts. use them if you have widgetized sidebar


Use manually

if you want to insert the top posts manually to your theme, call this function:

ufs_show_top_posts(5, ‘like_count’, $showcounter = ‘yes’, $showurl = ‘yes’ )

parameters to pass:

1) How many posts to show

2) Which kind of top do you wish to display:

top likes – ‘like_count’

top shares – ‘share_count’

top comments – ‘commentsbox_count’

3) show counter before post title? yes/no
4) show post title as link? yes/no




show top 5 liked posts (with counter and url)

<?php echo ufs_show_top_posts(5, 'like_count','yes','yes'); ; ?>


show top 5 shared posts (with counter and url)

<?php echo ufs_show_top_posts(5, 'share_count','yes','yes'); ; ?>


show top 5 commented posts (with counter and url)

<?php echo ufs_show_top_posts(5, 'commentsbox_count','yes','yes'); ; ?>



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