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Sometimes you find yourself in need for maps in your blog. here’s a list of the top wordpress and google maps plugins:


WP Geo Tagger

The WP Geo Tagger plugin can be used to add your current location to posts or to add an event location, so your readers can get directions in a snap. It even integrates Google Maps right on your posts!

  • Add locations to your posts
  • Include a Google Map using that location
  • Creates a “Master Map” for your site, including all sitewide geo-tags
  • Takes about a minute to install
  • Includes full documentation and a screencast for any customization needs


5sec Google Maps

  • no API keys, no setup, no code editing
  • works in sidebars, posts, pages and custom post types out of the box
  • full screen support
  • default shortcode, [gmap], can be changed
  • multiple maps per post/page are supported
  • 12 predefined markers/icons
  • fully customizable HTML bubble/description
  • uses local cache for Geocoding (address to lat/lng mapping) for max speed
  • extensive documentation and examples
  • works on WordPress versions 2.8 and newer


Route Planner for WordPress

This plugin enables you to insert Google Maps widgets into your posts and pages, and by utilizing the Directions API , lets your user find directions to you (or any other address).

Built on the 5 star rated jQuery Route Planner plugin!


User Locations

A WordPress Plugin which enables you to show your registered users locations on a frontend map from Google Maps. Comes packed with administrational settings for you to customize what information you want to display about your users and much more.



Google Maps for WordPress

This plugin allows you to easily insert Google Maps into your blog, making use of the new shortCode system in WordPress 2.5. The maps can be configured to offer directions to or from the location, show or hide the zoom/pan controls, show/hide map type (street view, satellite, etc), activate zoom using mouse wheel, and more. PHP5 Required.


XML Google Maps

This plugin allows you to easily insert Google Map or Google Earth Plugin Maps into your blog. You just have to add a link to your self defined Map from My Google Maps, Picasa Webalbum Picture Map, any geoRSS Feed (like Flickr), your uploaded Google Earth file (kmz, kml) or any other dynamic or static Google Earth file (,, etc.)


WP Google Maps

With the Google Maps Plugin for WordPress you can easily add Google Maps to your WordPress blog.

To add Google Maps to a post or page you just have to enter [wp-google-maps (map-settings)], where (map-settings) is replaced with your map settings.



MapPress is the easiest way to create great-looking Google Maps and driving directions in your blog.

MapPress adds an interactive map to the wordpress editing screens. When editing a post or page just enter any addresses you’d like to map.

The plugin will automatically insert a great-looking interactive map into your blog. Your readers can get directions right in your blog and you can even create custom HTML for the map markers (including pictures, links, etc.)!


Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

This plugin will let you easily create from simple maps with one marker and a text balloon, to complex multimarker maps with hypertext balloons as this page.


Google Maps All In One

Google Maps is the internet standard for mapping and direction. And why not? Their latest APIs make for the easiest, most streamlined experience available. This plugin does all the work for you. No creating an account. No copying of links from google’s site. No need to go to google maps at all.

This plugin does it all, providing a solution for the everyday blogger, the ma and pa business owner, and even the most particular of power users! And it’s ready to be used in any environment – WordPress, BuddyPress, and Multisite – it’s never been easier than it is now!


WordPress Geo Mashup

This plugin lets you save location information with posts, pages, and other WordPress objects. These objects can then be presented on interactive Google maps in many ways.

There are often two versions of the plugin available, stable and BETA. The BETA version includes all the stable version features, and also new features that need further testing.


WordPress is a full featured Content Management System (CMS). It has incorporated a rich suite of capabilities that have proven to be extremely popular because it allows anyone to create vibrant, dynamic sites without any programming knowledge. Its large range of features, coupled with a clean and easy-to-understand interface make it a fan fave among website novices; 27% of all the websites in existence and 20% of all new ones use this amazing platform.

9 Comments to Top WordPress Google Maps Plugins

    • great plugin it works great in localhost but not works in webserver i uploaded into my website it installed and activated
      configureed correctly but when insert into post it is not working

  1. Hi,
    I just published a wordpress plugin enabling you to auto-embed google maps just writing an address on each post.

    It can also display a global map with all the posts displayed as markers – pretty cool and easy. And free of course 😉
    I’d love you to consider adding it to the list as it very lightweight and easy to hack (only one file) yet takes care of geocoding & everything pretty straightforwardly!

  2. Good morning,
    I have installed the MapPress plugin and it works really great! They offer a Pro version too but the normal version is already very complete itself.

    Greets Maurice

  3. Hi! I would like to find a plugin for wordpress. plugin should has a function which i can outline a route from point A to B.

    Do you know some plugins?

    thanx for help

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