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Buddypress is gaining more and more popularity each day, latest versions are more friendly and there are much less bugs in it. here’s a list of very useful and helpful buddypress plugins:


This plugin will extend Buddypress to have an Ajax Chat client that works with Buddypress groups,
as well as all WordPress users. As of version 1.1.8 Buddypress Ajax Chat works with both
Wordpress MU and WordPress Single User.

BuddyPress Classifieds

A Classifieds ad components that’s fully integrated into BuddyPress.

Features :

Write your ad directly from the frontend, WYSIWYG
Allow/disallow moderation
Browse by category, tags, …
Add to favorites (”follow)
Upload pictures with your classified
Link classifieds to groups
Define a map (Google map) to locate your classified (powered by BuddyPress Maps)

Seo for Buddypress

It gives you the possibility to enter title, description and keywords for the main blog, the user blogs and the buddypress pages.

BuddyPress Sitemap Generator

This plugin will generate a sitemapindex and various component sitemap xml files for search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index BuddyPress.

BuddyPress QuickPress

This plugin allows the users to write simple posts outside the dashboard (just like QuickPress from the Dashboard).

It adds a “Quickpress” submenu under /blog from which you can easily add a post to any of your blogs.

Login With Ajax

Add smooth ajax during login, avoid screen refreshes and choose where users get redirected to upon login/logout. Supports SSL, MU, and BuddyPress.

Invite Anyone

By default, BuddyPress only allows group admins to invite their friends to groups. In some communities, you might want members to be able to invite non-friends to groups as well. This plugin allows you to do so, by populating the invitation checklist with the entire membership of the site, rather than just a friend list.

BuddyPress Like

Requires BuddyPress 1.2 or higher.

Adds a ‘Like’ button to activities in the stream, allowing users to ‘like’ the item and see who else has done the same.

Updates are constantly being made, and feature requests are more than welcome!

BuddyPress Maps

BuddyPress Maps is a component that displays maps (from Google Maps) into your BuddyPress website.
This component can be used by others plugins to edit/save map markers and to display maps easily.

BuddyPress Links

BuddyPress Links is a drop in link and rich media sharing component for BuddyPress 1.2.x

Remove BuddyPress AdminBar Plugin

This plugin removes the admin bar completely from the public and admin areas of the website. Can be used either as a normal or MU plugin.

BuddyPress Events Calendar

the bp-events plugin will add an option to the user menu called “Events”. From this menu users can create events and invite friends to join. – the plugin will add an “Events” option to tne main menu system for the events directory view – add the “Events” widget to list the upcoming/newest/active/popular events on your front page

Helpful Buddypress plugins resources:

buddypress Original Plugins zone:

netweblogic – a very helpful buddypress plugins blog –

Buddypress Dev – BuddyPressDEV is a community of developers that shares code to extend BuddyPress features. – –

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