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* Supports Up To Wp e-Commerce 3.7.8

We are happy to release our new Premium wp-e-commerce theme for wordpress WOPSHOP.

as we already know, many people want to create their own store using WordPress, this theme helps you create a unique and exclusive look and feel for your store.

for the next 30 days the price will be $5.99 and then it will cost more.


A new and exclusive designed wordpress theme to use with wp-e-commerce plugin.

– wp – e – commerce theme

– theme options

– promo carousel

– widget ready

– full integration with blog posts

– stylish header fonts

– unique category for homepage products

– all browsers compatible

– very friendly to use

* Supports Up To Wp e-Commerce 3.7.8


screenshot of the homepage, including the promo carousel, new arrivals category and widgets.


products page


Blog Post Page


* Supports Up To Wp e-Commerce 3.7.8

WordPress is a full featured Content Management System (CMS). It has incorporated a rich suite of capabilities that have proven to be extremely popular because it allows anyone to create vibrant, dynamic sites without any programming knowledge. Its large range of features, coupled with a clean and easy-to-understand interface make it a fan fave among website novices; 27% of all the websites in existence and 20% of all new ones use this amazing platform.

88 Comments to wopshop – E-commerce wordpress theme

  1. I’m trying to use wopshop on my site, but cannot figure out how to change the header to read my business name instead of “WOPSHOP”. If I am unable to change this, the whole thing will be totally useless to me!! I am not HTML proficient, which is why I bought the theme! Very frustrated at this moment!

      • Michael Bergmann

        I had to change some parameters at different postitions, at the blog area too. It was a little bit tricky, but it is on the way.

        I will send you a link, if I´m ready with my work …

  2. Michael Bergmann

    Hi again, I always have

    — über dich — instead of — Über dich —.

    The sql-database is switched to utf-8.
    And where can I switch the headline-font, some the text is converted into headline graphix, where can I find it?

    thanx a lot


  3. Michael Bergmann

    Hi ladies & gentlemen,

    I´m again with the problem, that german “Umlaute” like ÄäÖöÜü and ß are not shown in the wopshop-content, especially in the generated headline.

    Where do I have to change what, that I can see this “Umlaute”?

    Thanx and bye …


    • the problem is that it’s a generated javascript text and i guess that the font doesn’t support this characters. you can disable the special font by delete this lines:
      fo rth eintro text delete:

      for the sidebar titles delete:
      Cufon(‘#sidebar h2’);

      for the product title delete:
      Cufon(‘.post h2’);

      and for the homepage product titles delete:
      Cufon(‘#homepage_products .title’);

  4. Hi does anyone know what happens after you buy this e commerce theme because it has been three days and i have not received anything (no link, nothing in the post)?

  5. Hi, I’d like to know how to change colors and backgrounds, and… this page is not showing categories, Brands and blog posts sections; how can i fix this problem?
    Thank You.

    • I need to know this also. I have added a product but would like to know how I would go about adding Amazon and other types of products to it. I am totally lost with this shop but would really, really like to learn and use it. I love the way the theme looks.

  6. Thanks of the cool theme. I have two questions though.

    Is there anyway to change the home page to a blog and give each category of products their own page?

    i.e. instead of one product page there would be one page for product A and one page for product B and one page for product C?

  7. Hi – I bought this plugin a few weeks ago via PayPal but haven’t received any download links or communications about how to get it. I might be missing something, but can you please let me know what I need to do now? I can provide a PayPayl transaction number if needed. Thanks.

  8. I bought this theme some days ago via paypal. I ask some question :
    1. How many days the shipping to my address
    2. What is the package include ?
    3. Any some tutorial to download, install and setting?
    Herewith my Receipt No: 3765-7447-9783-7004

    Thanks for your soon feedback

  9. I bought this theme some days ago via paypal. I ask some question :
    1. How many days the shipping to my address (Indonesia)
    2. What is the package include ?
    3. Any some tutorial to download, install and setting?
    Herewith my Receipt No: 3765-7447-9783-7004

    Thanks for your soon feedback

  10. Hi Wpfeed,

    If I just get a download link, why I should pay some money to buy ? I can download it by free since there is no access code or any registration number to get it. Or some licence code ?

    Pls give the response


  11. It seems like no one is happy with this theme i dont see any sites with it and the response from Wp feed is not very good i think i will using another e commerce company who can show examples and can answers questions?

  12. Hi – I’m having trouble figuring out how to display the blog page, since the index.php is devoted to the ecommerce functions. I have blog posts entered, but there’s no link to a blog being generated in the nav bar. I can’t make it happen by going to the Dashboard’s “Reading” settings menu and assigning the latest posts to a page. If I put the “latest posts” widget in the sidebar it lists the posts individually, but I can’t navigate to any sort of main blog page. My permalinks are set up so that I’m just using http://www.example.com/postname, which they don’t advise, but that’s what I have going. Can you tell me what I need to do to have a separate blog page? Thanks. 🙂

    • Tracy, maybe you could let me know how you did it. I am at a total loss with this program and need to learn as much as I can to get it productive. I think being able to have blog posts would help.

  13. Next questions 🙂

    1. How do I make a product a “featured” product? I’ve looked all around and can’t find a place in the Dashboard menus to do so.

    2. What the heck is “P&P” (which appears below the prices of items on the product pages), and how do I turn it off, if I want to?


    • Okay, it turns out I have an other question.

      I’d like to be able to bring in, in the “more details” section of each product, the titles of “related blog posts” about the product. Basically all I think I’d need to do is tag those posts with a specific tag, then use a WP template tag to call in the titles of those posts. I’m assuming, however, that I can’t put php into the box in the Dashboard where you put the description, and I can’t figure out where in the other files I might go to insert it into the template itself. Can you point me toward where I might need to insert this code, or else suggest another solution? Thanks again. 🙂

      • Sorry, I just realized pretty much all three of these questions should be addressed to the people that make WP ecommerce or else looked up on their site. 🙂 Don’t mind me.

  14. I am looking at this theme for one of my sites, and I was wondering if the shopping cart feature can be turned off? I would be using it to show products listed at other sites, and I don’t personally sell any myself. I love the look, but do not need the shopping cart.

    Thanks so much,

  15. I have a problem with this theme.
    Everytime i click “Go To Checkout” in Shopping Cart Side Bar (URL : http://……./products-page/checkout/), there is an error :

    The requested URL /products-page/checkout/ was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    By the way, i use default setting in permanent links WP setting.
    Please give me help.

  16. I just want to know, how i can activate the promo carousel at the home page (top of New Arrivals item).
    Please give me help.

  17. Just installed the theme and clicked on the URL of my website and my theme is already broken and I haven’t done anything to it yet.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function nzshpcrt_shopping_basket() in /home/content/m/o/d/modernhippie/html/wp-content/themes/wopshop/wopshop/sidebar.php on line 4

    How do I fix this?


  18. Hi, I cannot get the promo images to work, they are just piled on top of each other instead of doing the slide show they are supposed to, what did I do wrong?


  19. Hi, I have been using this theme for a while but I’d like the products to be displayed as above on the product page but then the price is displayed as “€0.00Price:”

    Do you know where I can remove ‘Price:’ ?


  20. Hi. Changed all thumbs to 113×144 as stated in pdf which came with theme. How do I change the new arrivals thumbs on the front page to match the box size? You can look at the site to see. Only been using since this morning so just getting to grips with things. Thanks.

  21. Hi, I have been using this theme and i have small problem: on the product page but price is displayed as “0.00Price:” I want that it is in format “Price: 0.00 PLN”.
    How do i fix it?
    PS. PLN is the symbol currency

  22. Hi!
    I bought this theme for my site, but I can’t show on the homepage the new arrivals, for which always showcases the products starting with the first quote and not the last.
    How can I do?
    I modified sql on functions.php, but without success.

  23. I bought this, but I have a problem with the installation.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function nzshpcrt_shopping_basket () in Z: \ home \ localhost \ www \ localblog \ wp-content \ themes \ wopshop \ sidebar.php on line 4

    What is the problem?
    please help me

  24. Some categories I click image I get the larger view only (what I want) Other categories give me the larger image PLUS smaller thumbnails on the side and ability to scroll larger ones. I don’t want this way and cannot see where that specific setting is? I made them all the same and don’t recall checking any specific box to this effect.

  25. I’m getting this message. The shopping basket isn’t showing up. WordPress Version 3.1.2
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function nzshpcrt_shopping_basket() in /home/content/72/7822872/html/wp-content/themes/wopshop/sidebar.php on line 4”

  26. i’ve got this theme and i like it. i want to ask if i do not want to use e-commerce plugin for this theme how to setting it like as blog with posts at the homepage. because i try to post but that is not appear at the homepage. thanks

    • unfortunately you need a lot of modifications to do in order to make this theme work as a blog only. it can be done but you need to know code.

      • could u please tell me which codes need to modified so my posts will appear at the homepage because i want to use this theme for online shop without using wp e-commerce plugin. (my hosting is not compatible for this plugin cause its large php memory exceed the limit). if you do not mind, please send me (by email) how to modify it a little. i just want to know how my posts can be appear below the carousel promos pictures. thanks a lot.

  27. We’re considering Wopshop but the only version of WP e-commerce that’s available from WordPress now is 3.8.5, so that’s the version we have. Wopshop specifies it’s only compatible up to 3.7.2, but what does it mean exactly if Wopshop isn’t specified as being compatible with 3.8.5? Does it mean Wopshop won’t work at all with the new version of e-commerce, or does that mean that it may be buggy, or it’ll work but it may look a little odd, or…?

  28. Wonderful, thanks! We’ll go with Wopshop and use it with the new version of wp e-commerce. We’re adding products infrequently enough that we don’t really need a new arrivals anyway. 🙂

  29. I bought the wopshop theme but unable to add products to show on home page as advertised(like new arrivals)Pls advice

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