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** update – 23.05.11 **


We are happy to release our new WP E-commerce theme, a free theme supports the latest versions (3.8 and above)


Name: ShopMe

URL:  http://wpbooks.net/shopme-wordpress-e-commerce-theme/

DEMO: http://shopme.wpfeed.com

wp – e commerce theme for versions 3.8 and above.

price: FREE




as we already know, many people want to create their own store using WordPress, this theme helps you create a unique and exclusive look and feel for your store. continue here

** update **

* Supports Up To Wp e-Commerce 3.7.8


Please use WP – E – Commerce plugin version 3.7


We are glad to announce our first free theme for our readers, and as we know it is a very requested one, an E-commerce Theme.

one of our most popular posts is WordPress E-Commerce Themes And Solutions and the main reason is because many people are looking for E-commerce themes.

wpStore is a theme created by our stuff designed especially for the best e-commerce plugin for wordpress WP e-Commerce. some modifications we made let the administrator of the store control a Latest Products area, Homepage Products and customize a Top Products widget. For full details refer for the ReadMe File coming with the theme downloadable zip.

We really hope you would like the theme and make a great use (and profit) out of it.



this is the homepage. 4 latest products controlled by the administrator. just check the “latest products” category on the product edit page.
Next you see the info box, also can be edited by the admin of the store. on the main content area you can see a place for up to 12 products which can be promoted to the homepage of the store by choosing “homepage products” category on the product edit page.
on the sidebar you can see the Shopping Cart, Brands list, and Top Products which can also be decided by the admin.

Product Page

this is the product page. here you can see the larger product image, more details if there are about the product, and “more products” section at the bottom.
on the sidebar you can see the Shopping Cart, Brands list, and Top Products which can be controlled by the admin only with choosing the category “top products” from the product edit page.

* Supports Up To Wp e-Commerce 3.7.8


WordPress is a full featured Content Management System (CMS). It has incorporated a rich suite of capabilities that have proven to be extremely popular because it allows anyone to create vibrant, dynamic sites without any programming knowledge. Its large range of features, coupled with a clean and easy-to-understand interface make it a fan fave among website novices; 27% of all the websites in existence and 20% of all new ones use this amazing platform.

227 Comments to wpStore – Free WordPress E-commerce Theme

  1. Universal Indie Records

    “We are aware of the problems caused by the new version of WP – C -commerce plugin.”

    Well if I wanted to run it NOW… which older version would I have to use…..

    and will it upgrade seemlessly?

  2. Universal Indie Records

    Oh… when do you think you’ll have the update ready? I shut down my site in order to get this up and running…

  3. a new version that works with wp-e-commerce version 3.7
    hope everything will be ok (my demo is fine)
    if not (and if it does) please report to me here.

  4. We have installed your Theme and we are having trouble adding a product to the ‘Homepage’ either in ‘Latest Products’ of ‘Whats New’. Your guidance would be much appreciated.

    • Whoops! Looks like we’ve got it! Note to all: As mentioned by the Author above ‘Read the ‘READ ME’ file which comes in the Zip download!
      Many thanks for this great Theme.

  5. Universal Indie Records

    Works perfectly. Now I’m doing a music store so I need tags to play with the product description fields ie [MYPLAYLIST=2] how can this be done?

  6. Universal Indie Records

    Here’s the problems I see…
    1. You can’t use html in the description field to add spaces, bold etc.
    2. I added a product, deleted it.. the product still shows.
    3. The regular pages (for say a blog)… list all of your post instead of headline, some copy and then a link to view more…

  7. Universal Indie Records

    Another thing.. on the home page… all the products i’m adding seem to have the same album cover…

    once you click on to it’s page… THEN the correct album cover shows

  8. Universal Indie Records

    I’m trying to embed a player like this:


    into the description field.. but I can’t figure out how to make it work.

  9. Universal Indie Records

    I’ve been playing with this all night and I can work around almost everything else with the exception that the “wrong” product covers and I deleted products are still showing up on the homepage…

    these are two major issues for me.

  10. Hi there. I am having a small issue, wondering if you could shed any light on it for me. Any categories I am deleting that show up on the homepage remain there still, even once they are deleted.

    This is a problem for me as I now cannot find a way to remove this category from the homepage that is obviously not needed.

  11. Nice job….tho I have 2 issues with your theme:
    1.I need to remove/hide the Wpstore default categories from view (me):
    o homepage productsnu&sidebar
    o latest products
    o top products
    (as per your demo). See http://x7.ro/test/
    2.How do I enable grid view? Its on list now.
    I am using WP ecommerce 3.7.2.


  12. in the #header_bottom, I am trying to find a way that this won’t display the subcategories of my products. They won’t fit. Is there a way to stop the subcategories from displaying thru the PHP? Any helps would be awesome!

  13. RenegadeScribe

    Hi there.

    I’m not sure if this is an issue with the theme I’m using or with wp-ecommerce but I figured that I would attack the issue from both ends.

    After the upgrade to 3.7.4, I noticed that our categories nav bar is now showing a trailing slash. So, instead of instead of seeing this:


    We’re seeing this:


    Here is our main store page where you can see the category banner:


    and it’s throwing off wp-ecommerce and causing a strange product list to appear. I’ve searched through the PHP of the theme and I can’t find any errant slashes (or at least any that I could find). I was just wondering if anyone was running into this issue also. We’re using the WP-Store theme with WP-ecommerce.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I’m getting the same effect and may have to add manual links to my categories instead f using the wp ecommerce function to workaround this … unless there is a way to downgrade easily.

    • Goto the functions.php file and on line 25 which starts with ‘$output .= ‘ replace wpsc_category_url($sidebar_brand[‘id’]) with substr(wpsc_category_url($sidebar_brand[‘id’]),0,-1)

      Do the same for line 50, replace wpsc_category_url($header_cat[‘id’]) with substr(wpsc_category_url($header_cat[‘id’]),0,-1)

      If the line numbers are different then find the original text in the file and replace it with the respective texts given. This hack will just trim off the last character of the url, which in this case is a slash.

      Great theme btw!


  14. i guess my problem lies within functions.php….

    function show_cats($id){

    global $wpdb;

    $header_cats = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * FROM `”.WPSC_TABLE_PRODUCT_CATEGORIES.”` WHERE group_id =”.$id.” AND Active = 1 LIMIT 0 , 30″,ARRAY_A);
    $output = “”;
    $i = 1 ;

    if($header_cats != null){

    foreach($header_cats as $header_cat) {
    $output .= ““.$header_cat[‘name’].”“;
    echo $output;

    Does anyone know how to change this up so that it will not display the product subcategories from the ecommerce plugin? would be much appreciated…thanks!

  15. Hello, I need help from anyone that can. I am using this theme with WP – E – Commerce plugin version 3.7. If you look at my page: http://sis.webatu.com in the Latest Products and Whats new sections not all images will load at the same time. It seems that only 2 images will load at a time, and if you goto the products page they all load with no problem. If someone can help please email me at abarry5@cfl.rr.com


  16. sorry to bother you with the same question….
    again… I cant add the three new items and call them a) latest products b) homepage products c) top products

    I’ve download the latest version
    and read the “READ ME” file n did what stated there. But it seems doesnt work… can you help me? I’ll sent u my username and passwrd..thanks

  17. Im having the same problem with the categories beeing displayed.

    ive named them
    * WPstore
    * latest products
    * homepage products
    * top products

    latest version, wp 2.8.4 german.
    help appreciated, thanks!

  18. Hi,

    How can I make my homepage like your Demo? After I follow readme file, in homepage shows product list complete with details, instead only thumbnail & price just like your demo site.
    Do I miss anything here?

    Please help me.

  19. Sorry, I mean in my homepage shows blank (in “What’s New” section).
    I want to create something like your demo site, that only shows thumbnail and price.


  20. Hi,

    Can you please show me a way to add
    1. Images to the Top Products list? I want to display images of my products instead of text URLs.
    2. Indent the Subcategories/Child categories in the Category list. Where can I make changes to the display of this list?

    The website I am working on is http://highchoicelowprice.com.



  21. Heya,

    First, thanks for releasing this as a free theme. I would appreciate help from anyone who can …

    The store displays “WP Store” at the top left of the page (the “Home” page masthead). How can I change this to be the name of my store?


  22. i_am_Beginner

    Hi, I have been trying to get the theme and plug in up and running for a few days now. I went through the readme file but can’t find the theme option as stated ***4) Theme options: Display latest products – the administrator can decide which products he wants to promote to the header of the store.***

    Can anyone help me out please. Thanks

    • You have to create a category called Latest Category first. I do not believe you can control WHICH 4 or 5 Latest Products show up there, though.

  23. I_am_Beginner

    Thanks a lot, I finally got it. Can I also ask, I want to
    1) change the background color of Shopping Cart section only in the sidebar. Basically I want to highlight the Shopping Cart section in the sidebar by leaving the color of other sections for Brand, Top Products etc etc as original.
    2) change the background color of main Checkout section page if possible.
    3) change the name of “Add to Cart” button to “Add to Order”.
    If you can help please. Many thanks.

    • I did it for your n3:
      You have to go in the wp e-commerce/languages/EN_en file
      You will fine there a line :
      define(‘TXT_WPSC_ADDTOCART’, ‘Add to Cart);
      just replace it with
      define(‘TXT_WPSC_ADDTOCART’, ‘Add to Order);

      It should change the button in the Latest Products section in the header and in the central part of the page if you use d marketplace theme (not the 2 other themes cause the ‘add to cart’ button is a function of the theme itself and not of the plugin. In that case, I guess you probably have to go in the ishop css file itself to do the modif)

      _For your question n1, If you just want to change the color of your shopping card, you can try to add this in the style.css file of the theme WPStore : div#sliding_cart{
      margin-left: 0px;
      padding: 0px;
      background:#F0F0F0 url(img/image.jpg) repeat;
      border: 1px solid #000000;
      font-size: 12px;

      Where image.jpg will be an image with the color/pattern you want.

      _ For the question from your previous post, I believe you can ctrl which pdts appear in the ‘lastest’ section by selecting or not the category ‘latest products’ when you create or edit a product.

      I hope all that helps, let me know if it works

      • I_am_Beginner

        Hi G,
        Many thanks for your simple instructions. Let me tell you how I got on with
        for 3) I changed from ‘Add to Cart’ to ‘Add or Order’ in En_en file. It appears as Add to Orde not the full word. half size of e and r (er) is missing on the frond end. Do you know how to increase the text area a bit wider.

        for 1) I added your coding as below, in the #sidebar section of style.css. It worked ok.

        margin-left: 0px;
        padding: 3px;
        background:#D3D3D3 url(img/image.jpg) repeat;
        border: 0px solid #000000;
        font-size: 12px;

        With my limited ability, I am now very close to how I want it looks like. But I still need to work a few more before being launched.

        Can I ask you one more,
        4) how can I add a sliding photo feature or something like that anywhere on my page apart from sidebar. I mean either in the main page or top header section where has four latest products sitting horizontally. Because with the still images, the page looks dead.

        Is it possible. Many thanks..

        • Oh yeah, I remember having the same problem. If you’re speaking about the header, look for this line :
          input.wpsc_buy_button {cursor:pointer;width:100px;color:#000000;
          background:#F0F0F0 url(img/image.jpg) repeat;font: bold 12px Arial,sans-serif;color:purple;}

          You can change the width with whatever suits you (I think it was originally 70px so 80 or 85 should be enough for what you want to write)

          For your other question : I am actually having bog trouble myself with the header, it doesn’t want to display all the pictures when I am on the product details page in Firefox (see my message bellow). Do you have the same problem?
          I think you can look for plugins like NextGen gallery to replace this latest products section as it is a rotating photo gallery. I’m planning to try that as well to see if it solves my problem. That being said, I’m afraid we won’t the ‘add to cart’ button in the header with such a gallery.
          I can’t give you more details about that because I have never used it myself so I’m actually in the same situation that you are.

    • I_am_beginner –
      I posted response to your questions on my blog as well.
      However, here you go –
      Find out the Page id of your Check Out page.
      Then head over to this page – http://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop_in_Action#Different_CSS_For_Different_Categories

      And create a new CSS with different color scheme for this particular page, and follow instructions in the above mentioned article. Let me know here or on my blog how this works for you.

  24. Hello, and thanks a million for releasing this as a free template.
    I am having trouble to get it to work properly though.
    Here is the problem I’m facing :
    _ In the product details page not all the products images load (whereas they do in the homepage)
    _ It appears only with Firefox and the images load fine with IE
    _ It is due to the theme and nit to the e-commerce plugin cause it works fine with any other theme (but I love this one so I don’t want to use an other one :-))

    Would you have any idea of the possible cause for that? Or at least what part of the code should I try to fix

    The website I’m trying to set-up is : http://jewellerybijou.com/earrings/blue-earrings/
    If you open it with Firefox and IE you will be able to see what kind of problem I’m facing.

    Thanks in advance for your help, it will be really appreciated.


  25. i am playing with your theme i like to know if i want to sell computer monitor of different brand how i can add the brand name .

    • Roger,

      You can add brands in eCommerce Plugin under Categories. You should be able to add different brands to the existing Brands group .

  26. Hi, is there any way to set the current image size of the wpstore logo (which is at 136 x 32) to my store logo (230x 32)? i tried opening up the index.php file but can’t seem to get the hang of it.

    • open up style.css and change this

      #logo h1 a {background:transparent url(img/logo.gif) no-repeat scroll left top;float:left;height:32px;width:136px;}

      to this:

      #logo h1 a {background:transparent url(img/logo.gif) no-repeat scroll left top;float:left;height:32px;width:236px;}

    • Hi thanks for your help. I’m sorry to bother you again but I appreciate if you could help, may I know which is the files to edit the ‘purelydesigner.com’ box beside the latest products?

  27. Thanks for the theme!

    I have just 1 issue. When I click Go To Checkout in the cart the checkout form does not display. I get a message that says “Oops, there is nothing in your cart. Please visit our shop “. Did I miss a setup step here? Help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  28. Hi once i checkout and select the ‘make purchase’ button, the page refresh to the checkout page. Can you help me with this? You can try place an order on my store and you know what I mean.

  29. Hi,

    The theme works but a little trouble with the Brands in the sidebar. When I create new product and check a brand under Select “Brands”, when a user clicks the brand in the sidebar section in the public page, the product doesn’t show up but the url query string is ?page_id=3&category=2/ which is the same with your online demo.

    Any help is very much appreciated.


  30. Hi
    Im using this theme along with the e-commerce plugin to build a website for a Uni project.
    I have it all working, however Im having trouble getting the “category 1, category 2, category 3” buttons to show only the items in that category.
    Whenever someone clicks them it just shows all the products in the products page.
    I want to rename the buttons, DVDs, CDs etc and only show them items and not all products.
    I put just the cds in category 1, and dvds in category 2 etc however the buttons still show all products.
    Can anyone help. The website is

    If you click the buttons above the “whats new” logo you will see what I mean

  31. Hi

    i need help for homepage product display

    i want to show product description like similar to single product view .
    current it shows

    how to show product description also on home page ?

  32. Upgraded to 3.7.5, and I have link problems, products previously add in Latest products when picked do not display that products page, just the title. When I pick “products page” from the standard menu one of the product pages appears not the products page.

    The links are are hosed up somehow in the update.

    Any fixes short of rebuilding under new version?

    What is the process for updates to the plugin to avoid this in the future?

    Thanks for the theme!

  33. Awesome theme, but I’ve got one problem. What do I need to get the search box to work? Do I need to put key words in a specific place?


  34. thinley tobgay

    Nice theme, but got one problem. When i add new product, under Latest Products.. it does not display the latest product, but displays the older four item, but when i remove the older product then the one i uploaded the latest then displays..

    Can’t the latest product displace the oldest product from the Latest product category and display the new product automatically. Did i do something wrong? can ayone help me with it. Thanks

  35. Can someone help me fix this, What am I doing worng?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function nzshpcrt_shopping_basket() in /home/content/64/5378364/html/wp-content/themes/wpStore/sidebar.php on line 6

  36. I want to hide the “latest products” and Home Products” from the nav bar, how do I do that? If I cant do that, can I make the nave bar longer, like so that it runs more to the right so that all of my categories fit on one line.


    • Nevermind, I just added a new group and put “latest products” and home products in that and it doesnt show up in the categories section.

      Great theme, just wish I could figure out how to add my logo to the site.

  37. Having a Huge Issue. Because I have price variations on some of my products, some of my products show up as $0.00 under “more products” when you are looking at a product page and allows them to add products to their cart. This is a serious issue and I dont know if anyone else is having this problem. Please let me know how to remove the more products part of the page or how to resolve this issue.

    Thank you,

  38. hi, please help me. I want to latest products shown at header, just like your demo. but it doesn’t work as well as your demo. Please tell me where I have to edit. because I maybe want to apply this theme to my other website. Thx. If you need my email, I’ve give you. Thx

  39. Hi THANK YOU SO MUCH for a great template. I have a slight issue…the homepage products sometimes load properly aligned and sometimes not (ex: the icon images are not aligned in a row). Also, in the latest IE, the sidebar on the homepage is all the way to the right side, not aligned in the template.

    Please help. Thank you again so much. I appeciate it, you guys are wonderful.

  40. Whenever I try to follow a product through the checkout system, I get this error after clicking “go to checkout”:

    Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details.

    It doesn’t matter what area I choose. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

  41. Thanks for this beautiful theme! But can you help me, how to change the color of “latest product” box please? i can change the “storedesc” box, but found no background color in the css file to change the “latest product” box.

    pls help.. thanks

  42. Hi like to say thanks for a great theme, took a bit of working out but i got there in one day.

    One problem i do have is in the main menu on the black horizontal strip, the lower part of the said black strip keeps dropping off. would you be so kind and take a look at my site and see what you think i have done to make this happen.

    Regards Nick

  43. Hi its ok I worked out what happed. just in case any one else has the same problem. the black strip will lose a section at the botem if you item text is to much in Product Name, the latest offers is the culprit. now i know this i can make sure i dont make that too long in the future. would be a great idea to limit the number of carecters allowed in the Product Name field then this would not happen. thanks again for a great theme

  44. Is there a way to have the brands in the sidebar sorted by their names? right now I belive they are in the order I created them…

    Thank you!

  45. I succeeded fixing the 2 problems mentioned above. Now I saw a question here about the layout of the homepage that moves…sometimes it’s perfect, sometimes it’s not aligned. But no answer….

    If someone has a solution to this it would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  46. Hi Admin,

    i have downloaded your theme and implemented in my “sandbox”. Would like to ask if there is a possible way to squeeze one more category into the navigation bar as seen in this link? (http://cgvcfengshuiworld.com/test/)

    Hope to hear your suggestions! Cheers from Singapore1

    • sure,
      open style.css
      look for:
      #categories {
      and change the width

      • Thanks! managed to change it!

        Got an that i’m stuck at:
        – how do i change the black navigation bar and the blueish grey colour to another colour? (I have tried editing the style.css but it turned out badly. Link: http://cgvcfengshuiworld.com/test/)

        Hope you can help me out!

  47. We would all like to be able to change the colors of the wpshop theme but are unsure what file to edit would be grete to see some videos on how to make changes like this, if you share with me i can make a video and upload to youtube.


  48. Hi
    I am new to this technology, but anyway I downloaded free ecommerce theme for testing initially before launch shopping cart, after activating I dont see the product images as shown on template. someone help me please

  49. Did this question ever get answered on why on checkout this error occurs “Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details”

  50. Hello,

    Thanks for the great theme! I am just starting off and I am a little confused by the readme.txt as I can’t find any of the references in the e-commerce plugin

    Step 2 says to go to the ‘products tab’ and add a new category called WPSTORE … But there is a separate category tab and under the products tab, all I can do is add products, not a new category.

    So, I go and add a WPstore product group under the Category tag, but that creates a category link and I am pretty sure that is now what you intend for me to do.


  51. i get Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in site5\wp-includes\query.php on line 27

  52. Hello,

    I want to know your email if you don’t mind, because I want
    to set my store exactly like: http://wpstore.wpfeed.com/
    Specially how to set up the products view like “GRID”
    in “What’s New” section.

    Can u help me to set up my store like that? if u don’t have
    time maybe u can help me write simple instruction to
    set up store like that. Thanks!

  53. We jus upgraded to the latest version of wp and the theme and plugins. this is the error we r getting, can someone help us?

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/simcha/public_html/store/wp-content/themes/wpStore/functions.php on line 50

  54. Hey … My friend marinac just post 5 min aggro there but we can’t fix that latest product etc.. Can you pls help me i need like 3 things http://kupi-key.com/ … I will give you pass na username and you fix it if you have time pls…? just send me email …!


  55. Hello and thank for helping me ! ( sorry for my english i am french )

    i got a problem.
    when i install the template with wp ecommerce, latest product, and the stuff in the sidebar like brands or top product. does’t works…

    Thank by advance for the help !



  56. I like WP store theme, It’s suitable for my e-commerse website.
    I will use it for my website.
    Thank you for your good themes.

  57. jose alvin rañola

    Hello I need help here I can’t put latest products and top product and brand in file

  58. I’m finding a wordpress plugin which helps me to create a online store. I found your site from google and WP e-Commerce Plugin helped me to do this. Thanks for your help. Thank so much !

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